The autohemotherapy with the autologon system

Since in 1905 August Bier discovered the efficacy of the autohemotherapy, it took a permanent place in therapy of non-specific or allergic deseases. The homeopatic treatment of blood is an stimulation therapy following the principle "aequalia aequalibus curentur". Subsequently, a deficient immune system is activated and an overreactive immune system can be calmed.
In autohemotherapy with the autologon system a small amount of blood is drawn from the finger pad. The dilutions are prepared according to the directions of the homeopathic pharmacopeia and administered orally.


What it is used for?

  • skin deseases like acne, furuncle, psoriasis, neurodermatitis
  • allergic coryza, urticaria, allergic asthma
  • environmental deseases
  • state of exhaustion, diminished appetit, inefficiency 


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